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Yacht Types


Catamarans have become the yacht of choice for many guests, especially in the Virgin Islands. With their stable ride, lack of motion at anchor, secluded cabins and spacious salons, these yachts are particularly comfortable.
A catamaran may be chartered for $3,500 per week per person. It is cost effective to book with at least two couples

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Monohull Sailing Yachts

The most economical of the crewed yachts. A week of charter can cost less than $3,000 per person including chef and expenses. You can also pay $450,000 per week. Yachts such as “America” and “Defender” inspire dreams of sailing to exotic destinations driven by the wind with only the stars guiding us. These yachts hold a special place in our hearts.

Motor Yachts

Motor yachts offer a wide range of cruising options. You can find an all inclusive cruise on a 50 ft yacht with chef for $4,500 per person per week. You can also pay a million dollars a week for a superyacht. Cruising aboard a private yacht is an experience of a lifetime and is certainly the ultimate vacation.

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